Feb 9, 2016

Why We Won’t Need FM in the Future

#actroids #AGVs #smart apps

by Brian Atkin in Facilities

28 February 2022. John Smith arrives outside Dynamon House in time for his meeting. John enters the building.

Good morning Mr Smith
Good morning Mr Smith

Receptionist: Good morning Mr Smith.
John: Good morning… Rita… I have come to see Mr Jones.
Receptionist: Indeed you have… please do take a seat.
John: How did you know who I was?
Receptionist: I was made aware of your visit and your profile matched my expectations. I determined there was an 85% chance that it was you, which was sufficient for me to greet you in the way I did.
John: I’m impressed. How long have you been working here?
Receptionist: I began three months ago and I have been learning continuously ever since… Mr Jones is able to see you now. Please take this visitor badge and proceed to the lift to my right where Alan will escort you to the meeting room. Thank you and have a pleasant visit.
Alan: Mr Smith, please let me show you to the lift… did you have a good journey here this morning?

John and Alan take the lift to the 10th floor where John is shown to the meeting room.

Alan: Here we are Mr Smith; please sit where you will be most comfortable. Mr Jones will be along shortly. Meanwhile, may I offer you some refreshment – perhaps coffee, or tea?
John: Coffee please… milk no sugar.
Alan: Lucie will bring it in a few minutes.

Peter Jones arrives and after exchanging pleasantries he and John sit down and start their meeting. Soon afterwards, Lucie arrives.

Peter: Thank you Lucie. Please serve Mr Smith his coffee.

Lucie scans the visitor card to confirm Mr Smith’s identity and dispenses his coffee in a bone china cup with saucer. John thanks Lucie, but she simply blinks in acknowledgement.

Peter: John, let me tell you about our totally-serviced workplace. You have already met three of our team. There are, however, another 12 currently deployed around the building. Our cleaners were at work early this morning to make sure everywhere was clean and tidy, especially the toilets. Hilda is the supervisor… she coordinates all the work based on an accumulation of information about activities over the previous 24 hours. This helps to focus on where attention is needed most…
John: That’s amazing… but isn’t it expensive?
Peter: Not at all… operational costs have reduced by 50%. What’s more, our team’s productivity is consistent day after day and it never takes holidays.

To be continued…