Meet our room service

Savioke hotel butler ``Botlr``


Developed by robotics company Savioke, Aloft’s robotic Botlr has had a noticeable affect on room service and the delivery of general amenities. Hotel guests are reported to be very positive about the Botlr and express excitement when he arrives with a delivery. Botlrs are based on a robot prototype called Relay and are capable of maneuvering around hotels to make deliveries to guests.

Savioke hopes to add additional features to improve their robots, such as using them to deliver items to staff members instead of guests. They could be of special use to housekeepers, who currently have to make special trips when guests ask for extra amenities.


Technologies such as smart mirrors and smart carpets are set to find their way into your hotel room. Smart mirrors will deliver the day’s news, weather and latest sports results.

Artificial intelligence will also allow guests to use their voice to turn up the temperature, dim the lights, draw the curtains and more. Smart phones can already be used in some hotels as a room key and will soon be able to set the temperature and lighting and even make a hot drink.

Savioke's SaviOne