Goodbye, Mrs Mop!

Floor cleaners work through the night


Floor-scrubbing robots combine the features of automatic floor scrubbers with self-control operations without an operator. Commercial models such as Intellibot Robotics’ Swingobot (and Hydrobot featured here) are suitable for education, retail, healthcare and manufacturing facilities. These commercial floor cleaning machines can clean a 10,000 sqft (930 m2) area in one hour.


The proprietary Hands-Free Cleaning® operating system incorporates up to 19 sensors, giving the robot a 360-degree view of its surroundings, and allowing it to operate and clean on its own. Sensors detect obstacles as well as people and stairs. Hands-Free Cleaning® offers several cleaning options to fit requirements: area, spot and map clean.

  • Area clean is used for hallways, conference rooms and aisles 6-60 ft (1.8-18.3 m) wide. There are 12 specific cleaning patterns to choose from.
  • Spot clean is ideal for a defined distance ranging from 20-200 ft (6.1-60.7 m) in one direction.
  • Map clean is available for more complex layouts.

Source: Intellibotrobotics, undated.