What is AIinFM?

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Growing interest in Big Data and advances in Cognitive Frameworks, Drones, Actroids and Robotics across many industries have led to the formation of the Artificial Intelligence in Facilities Management Group to explore ways in which Artificial Intelligence can benefit the Facilities Management and Real Estate sectors. The group will monitor closely the social and economic effects that the increased use of Artificial Intelligence will have on these sectors and their workforces.

A key activity of the group will be to identify the latest, most important developments in the field of Artificial Intelligence where it is felt there will be an impact – beneficial or not – and to bring them to the attention of the group’s members.

Contributions to the group via discussions are welcome from anyone involved in the Facilities Management and Real Estate sectors, as well as organizations and individuals that represent the Artificial Intelligence industry.


The theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks normally requiring human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation between languages.


Most businesses have an IT strategy, but this is unlikely to take account of the increasing pace of developments in AI and the technology platforms that support and are which enabled by them. We can work with you to identify areas of your business where innovative technologies based on AI could open up new opportunities and then help you to explore the various options for the future to fine tune your business strategy so that it capitalizes on them.

Collaboration with a variety of suppliers from both the hardware and software side of AI are in place to help provide end-to-end solutions for our clients.

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  • Chris Hoar is the Former Chief Executive of the FM trade body – the Facilities Management Association, now the Building Futures Group.
    Chris is a versatile and experienced Sales and Marketing, and General Management professional.
    Chris is successful in turning around sales by selecting, coaching, developing and retaining high performing individuals and teams across cultures and industries. He is also experienced in listing companies on the London Stock Exchange.
    Chris has the ability to personally negotiate major contracts. He is a strong communicator and persuader with exceptional presentation skills.
    Chris is an inspirational leader with people skills that understand others abilities helping them to achieve their full potential.

    CHIRS HOAR, Co Founder at AIinFM

  • Featured regularly on BBC TV and radio, Katie King is a strategic business consultant and international conference speaker on the FM circuit. She has delivered two TEDx talks, the last one was on the subject of AI.
    Katie is Managing Director of Zoodikers, and is the Chairperson for the PRCA’s South East/East Anglia Group.
    Katie has worked with many FM organizations including the trade bodies, ISS UK/Ireland, PHS Group and many more. She is a former Director of leading global PR agency Text 100, part of Next Fifteen Group Plc.

    KATIE KING, Co Founder at AIinFM

  • Brian Atkin is a Director of The Facilities Society. His experience and achievements span the disciplines of project management, construction management and facility management. As a member of British Standards Institution’s FM Advisory Group and FM Technical Committee, he is well-placed to advise on current best practices and emerging trends in facility management.
    He is actively involved in learning and business development for major corporations. Brian holds a doctorate from the University of Reading and is a Fellow of The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and of the Chartered Institute of Building.

    BRIAN ATKIN, Co Founder at AIinFM