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The impact of AI on the built environment will be very wide. If you have robots on cleaning, reception or security duties, they don’t need heating or lighting; so you would see further savings. There are 3-5 million people who have jobs like these in the UK. If 60%-70% of those go, then there may be no other industries for them to find work in.


Big data is the common term for data sets so large or complex that traditional data processing applications are simply inadequate – the term is used to refer to predictive analytics or other advanced methods for extracting value from data.


Cognitive apps differ from current computing applications in that they move beyond processing based on preconfigured rules and programs to infer and reason in complex situations that are characterized by ambiguity and uncertainty.


Autonomous and semi-autonomous devices can easily out-perform humans’ physical capabilities, especially where work is dirty, difficult or dangerous – when endowed with cognitive capabilities they will exceed the skill and capacity of humans across the board.


Super-intelligent buildings go beyond current levels of building automation based on sensors and computer-augmented control to become sustainable facilities that are responsive, inclusive, self-sufficient, self-actualizing, self-maintaining and self-repairing.

An Introduction to AI and Robots

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Balfour Beatty and a Case of Drones

How is AI Changing People's Lives?


Introducing the AI-supported workplace and the AI solutions that are available now. Take a look at the likely impact on design, capital expenditure, operations and operational expenditure.

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Other news

Robot porters in the NHS


Swisslog is providing autonomous guided vehicle solutions for healthcare facilities that will move supplies including linen and food. “Transcar” is able to navigate corridors and can even take the lift. Whole-life costing reveals it to be a cost-saving device that can dramatically reduce the need for porters.

Robots cater to hotel guests’ needs


Savioke designs androids that can take orders and deliver to guests. The Intercontinental Hotels Group and Starwood Hotels have invested in robots to streamline room service. Using wifi, the robots can select the correct lift buttons and navigate to the room. What’s more, they don’t expect a tip.


Applications in FM

These two cleaning robots - Narita-kun and Epo-chan - are laser-guided and contain built-in sensors so they can automatically negotiate obstacles, corners and avoid stairs. They can, however, communicate with lifts and so move between floors by themselves. After more than five years in the job, they have become a familiar sight at Tokyo's Narita airport.